Q345R GB boiler plate steel equivalent to which ASTM material

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Q345R GB boiler plate steel equivalent to which ASTM material

2020-12-22 09:35:15

In line with the service concept of "honesty first, customer first" and the service tenet of "all for customer satisfaction", the company adopts the acceptance and response mode of combining manual and automatic, and accepts the diversified service demands of customer business consultation, complaint declaration, business acceptance, etc. through telephone, fax, e-mail, visit, letter, etc.

How to choose the material and specification of Q345R GB boiler plate steel, boiler tube? First, select the specification according to the actual use. Secondly, material: the suitable boiler tube material is different for different use scenarios. Thirdly, the wall thickness of the boiler tube should be strictly in accordance with the relevant standards. If the thickness is not up to standard, it is easy to cause accidents, so it must be strictly controlled. Finally, the boiler tube should be checked in time when receiving the goods, and the relevant instruments should be used to detect whether the steel quality has reached the standard, if not, it can be rejected.

Steel production and rolling technology and equipment also pursue the continuity between processes, such as the continuous Q345R GB boiler plate steel process between continuous casting and rolling mills, continuous casting slabs hot transfer hot charging, increased direct rolling, and continuous cold rolling processes. The development of controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology that combines rolling and heat treatment has played a huge role in improving the properties of rolled materials.

Medium and heavy plate Q345R GB boiler plate steel inventory spot: 23*3190*9220, 23*2470*8400, 22.5*3050*7300, 23*3500*10800, 21*3500*8840, 22*3400*11550, 29.5*1750*7150, 25*2500*12000, 27*1500*5000, 36*2720*7950, 27*1920*6000, 25*2630*3300, 26*3480*6000, 27*1800*6000, 23*2430*12370, 22.5*2560*6000, 43.5*1600*6000, 28.5*2500*6700, 32*1850*6000, 27.5*3100*6390, 48.5*1600*6000, 23.5*3300*14000, 33*3500*7050, 50*1600*6000.

In particular, the EU imports a large amount of iron ore from central and South America and Oceania, which are mainly transported by sea. The perfect port infrastructure makes the port operation cost of EU iron ore raw materials import relatively low. However, the Q345R GB boiler plate steel steel transportation between EU Member States is mainly railway transportation, and the EU member states have established a very developed railway network and railway information infrastructure.

The high strength Q345R GB boiler plate steel low alloy steel, which is shorten as HSLA steel, is one of our main products. We have professional team to serve you. For any demands or questions about HSLA steel, for example, ASTM A572 grade 50 chemical composition, difference between S355JR and S355J2, mechanical properties of Q345R GB boiler plate steel ST52 steel, Q345B tensile strength, Q345D steel ASTM equivalent, HSLA steel price etc. , please do not hesitate to contact us and consult.

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