Q245R equivalent ASTM material plate price per kg

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Q245R equivalent ASTM material plate price per kg

2021-03-17 09:25:02

After twenty years of efforts, the company has completed the steel plates production process and complete testing equipment from smelting, rolling, drawing, heat treatment to Q245R equivalent ASTM material full material. Large-scale production, intensive, and unremitting research and development and innovation make our products maintain long-term vitality. In early 2008, the company established the Ministry of foreign trade, and our Q245R equivalent ASTM material steel plate products are now exported to the South Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

What is the difference between 20G and 20# steel grade? The difference between 20G and 20# steel is very big. The chemical elements, mechanical properties, service environment and price of 20G and 20# steel are very different. Q245R equivalent ASTM material, 20G and 20# steel can not be compared. They are not of the same grade level, and can not be replaced by each other. 20# steel is high quality carbon structural steel, 20G steel is high pressure boiler steel. Q245R equivalent ASTM material, 20# steel does not bear pressure, while the use temperature of 20G steel is 450~480℃.

Q245R equivalent ASTM material 1000 tons in warehouse5.5*3000*5000, 7*2920*8780, 7*1850*6000, 7*2920*13000, 5*2570*8000, 6*2750*9600, 5.5*2450*6500, 6*1850*7510, 6*1750*8500, 7*2560*8600, 8*1620*7870, 8*1500*4850, 8*3040*4000, 7*2920*8780, 10*1500*6850, 5*2570*8150, 6*2310*8500, 8*1700*6300, 5*2490*8200, 8*2100*7800, 10*3000*4750, 10*1750*6000, 5*2490*9000, 8*2090*6640.

According to a statistical study, Iran has decided to produce 33 million tons of steel in its calendar year (from March 20, 2020). A study of the performance of the mining sector affiliated to the mining and mining development and transformation organization of Iran (imidro) in the first month of the year (March 20 to April 20) shows that this month produced 5.4% of the 33 million tons produced at the end of this year. In the first month of this year, relevant enterprises in the country produced about 1797927 tons of steel, including Q245R equivalent ASTM material, an increase of 1% over the same period last year.

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