Manufacture grade a537 class 1 plate supplier in China

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Manufacture grade a537 class 1 plate supplier in China

2022-11-17 10:07:10

The main design elements of pressure vessels, including: cylindrical parts, bodies a537 class 1 plate rolling and casings, bottoms and heads, flanges and necks, covers, nozzles, separable joints, fasteners are discussed.

BBN Group's first blast furnace blast dehumidification system: The project started construction on May 2 and began trial operation on August 28. All data are balanced and stable, blast furnace output indicators have improved significantly, and the daily dehydration capacity of the two blast furnaces is as high as 124 tons, with a daily increase of about 200 tons a537 class 1 plate, and the blast furnace is running smoothly.

By Region: data shows that in the first quarter of Asia, crude steel a537 class 1 plate production was 315.2 million tons, down 0.3% year on year. Crude steel production in the EU region in the first quarter was 38.3 million tons, down 10.0% year on year. The output of crude steel in North America in the first quarter was 29.5 million tons, down 4.0% year on year.

When automatic steel plate cutting is carried out, the distance difference between the steel plate hanging from the steel plate to the gas cutting platform should be adjusted to within 5mm.When semi-automatic cutting is carried out, the guide rail should be placed on the plane of the steel plate to be cut, and then the cutting machine should be placed lightly on the guide rail.Make one side of the cutting torch face the operator, choose the cutting nozzle according to the thickness of the steel plate, adjust the cutting straightness and cutting speed.

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