The astm a516 gr60 inventory rise

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The astm a516 gr60 inventory rise


The company adheres to the service concept of "you give the order to me and I leave the satisfaction to you". Over the years, our astm a516 gr60 steel products are supplied in time, with reliable quality and perfect and thoughtful after-sales service. Meanwhile, we have huge astm a516 gr60 steel stocks all the year round. The company long-term pursues the principle of quality first, customer first, quality for survival, reputation for development, and perfect service to win the users.

Normalizing of steel plate is a heat treatment method that heats the astm a516 gr60 steel above the critical temperature so that all the steel is transformed into uniform austenite and then cooled naturally in the air.It can eliminate the network cementite of the hypereutectoid steel, for the hypoeutectoid steel normalization can refine the lattice, improve the comprehensive mechanical properties, for the parts with low requirements of normalization instead of annealing process is more economic.

The main metal material astm a516 gr60 used to make the boiler is steel. The main boiler body is composed of the parts which bear static load under normal temperature and the parts which bear high pressure and high temperature. The former part can be made of general structural steel, while the latter part must be made of steel with special properties, i.e. boiler steel. Boiler steel is required to have good high temperature resistance, stable structure, machining performance, etc. properties.

Leading by innovation, both parties of the BBN Steel Group give full play to the location advantages of clean energy, implement solid implementation, and steadily realize low-carbon transformation, achieve "carbon peak" as soon as possible, and move toward "carbon neutrality".

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